Monday, May 2, 2011


Aloha from Kimo & Kalina !! As many of you may remember, Jaime (Kimo) and I (Kalina) had plans to spend our 25th anniversary (April 2010) in Hawaii, but had to postpone our trip due to Jaime's illness. Well, what a difference a year makes !!! So, on Saturday the 23rd, our journey began.

Day 1 in Paradise:

Our first day dawned beautiful and sunny here in Oregon. We couldn't have asked for a better send off! I have to start by telling you that this trip was full of “firsts” for both of us. To begin with, it was the largest plane I have flown on.........2 isles, 7 seats across. I have to start with our arrival on Oahu. I have never seen water come in so many shades of blue. Of course, I've seen pictures and postcards of Hawaii, but you still don't believe it....until you see it. We arrived in Oahu in the early afternoon and immediately headed for the condo at Ko Olina. Knowing we would probably be wiped out after our 5 hour flight, we purposely did not plan anything for our first day. So once we checked in, we spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing. We did, however, go down to the beach to witness a beautiful sunset. 

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