Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 6 in Paradise

This had to be the funnest day....We headed into the mountains of Wailuku for a zipline tour. 

For those that aren't familiar with this, it's a series of cables strung along the side of the mountain that you literally hang from and zip down. This was a series of 8 cables, 2.5 miles of cables in total. 

The last in the series is the 3rd longest in the world. 

And the words are adequate. You could literally see across the neck of the island, from harbor to harbor. 

And, of all the choices for zipline tours, we definitely made the right choice. 

Not only were they a lot of fun, they made it more personable by learning all 13 of our names, they were so knowledgeable on the island's flora and fauna, and they included an “eco” element by providing the opportunity to water some of the “endangered” plants they had planted in hopes of helping to remove them from the endangered list. Truly a phenomenal experience.

Once we were down from the mountain, we headed to Ho'okipa Beach to try and get an up close look at the windsurfers and kitesurfers. And we learned that it was just as impressive up close. It had been a long day already, so we didn't last long at the beach. Our next stop was a late lunch in Pa'ia. After eating what Jaime claimed were the best fish tacos he's ever had, we headed back to the condo. Our next meal – dessert at Ono Gelato. Yummmmm And boy, did I sleep good that night having been sufficiently worn out.

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