Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 5 in Paradise

The day dawned beautiful and sunny, but what else would you expect in paradise, right? With free time on our hands, we headed to the beach again. We took advantage of the warm weather and headed straight for the water. Still, amazed at how clear it was. After our swim, we found a spot on the sand to let our swimsuits air dry. This, however, came with a sand storm of sorts ! We really got a taste for how windy Maui is.

Our next voyage was around the west side of the island to Lahaina for our anniversary luau. It was during this drive around the edge of the island that I really got a sense that we were truly on an island. What a great time we had that night!! First of all, the food was buffet I've ever eaten at.

The mahi mahi was to die for....but I digress..... This is the traditional turning of the pig. It's a whole ceremonial thing.

Our next treat was an extraordinary sunset. 

We were then treated to a good show, and a fun host. 

Jaime really got a kick out of him cuz he was very Don Ho like. Bottom line – what a great anniversary celebration !!

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