Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, Jaime had another good report on his blood work last week. So, you know what that means.....MISTER ! GET BACK TO WORK !!!!

Seriously, he headed back to work this morning. He'll be doing half days the first two weeks, and then should be back to full time after that. He continues to be a little jaundiced (mostly his eyes), but now it just looks like a healthy glow. And he's put on about 5 of the 10 or more pounds he lost. So, he's looking a whole lot healthier.

We have to continue to work on building up his energy level and lung capacity, so in addition to his walks to and from the light rail each day, we'll also work in a 30 minute walk after I get off work. I'm sure before too long, he'll be itching to get back on his bike.

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