Monday, April 26, 2010

Good News

Well, we finally have some indication that Jaime is getting better. He goes weekly for blood tests to check, among other things, his bilirubin levels. Well, the last two (2) weeks his levels have finally come down. In fact last week, they decreased substantially - from 17 to 9. (Internet research shows normal levels are around 3.)

He's also showing other signs of improvement - his energy level is increasing, which means we actually venture out periodically; he's sleeping better and itching less. We're hopeful he'll be back at work within a month.

Finally, as mentioned in my previous post, we had planned to spend most of this week in Hawaii. Since we weren't able to go, our daughters put together a surprise celebration - with a little help from several really good friends. We were picked up by our bff's Scott & Jody, under the guise of taking us out to dinner to celebrate. We were immediately blindfolded - and driven to Kayleigh's house for a Hawaiian-style gathering!!!

And yes, we really were surprised....Kayleigh inadvertently left a few clues, but quickly covered her tracks, as did her sisters. It appears we've raised a bunch of liars !!!!

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