Monday, June 8, 2009

Our (last) graduate

Well, we've reached another milestone....our last child graduated from high school last Thursday. Had a little "weather" concern when major thunderstorms moved through the area that evening. Just like a Texas thunder boomer!! Moved through quickly so, not much more than a good sprinkle by the time we head for the venue.

As for the ceremony was shorter than I anticipated (only 1.5 hours!!). Darci performed with a small group of drama students, as well as the choir.

Then we headed for the all-night-party....... then the long, endless night commenced. (It seems the older I get, the longer the night seems...) Finally, at 6 am, we hit the bed for a nap.

The next chapter........Darci will be attending PSU (Portland State Univ) in the fall. Til then, the search is on for a job........and a clean room!!!

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