Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally, I was chastised by my oldest daughter that I never post anything about my other kids. So, Kayleigh, this is for you.....

Justine is still waiting tables at a local restaurant / sports bar. She's currently on a break from school, but will be starting back in the next few weeks. Her plan is to get her CNA, and then (hopefully) get a job in that field to help her work her way through the remainder of college. In the meantime, she's spending time with all her friends.

As for Kayleigh, she's moving the last of the boxes out of her apartment tomorrow. She'll be staying with us the rest of the week, then she'll fly to Montana on Saturday. School is out for her this week, and she's moving to Salmon, ID to be with her husband while he fights wild fires again this summer.

With all the recent budget cuts, Kayleigh will be laid off at the end of the school year. She won't know, possibly until the next school year, if she'll have a position available for her. If not, her plans are to return to school full time.

As for Jaime and I, our immediate plans are to spend July 4th in the Bremerton / Seattle area, and we'll have our annual camping trip to the dunes in August. Beyond that, we're happily anticipating the next chapter in our lives, as well.

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