Thursday, May 30, 2013


We took our first camping trip this year. And it was something new for us. Our good "duning" friends, Doug & Tina, invited us to eastern Oregon to the Morrow County OHV park. And, they were gracious enough to share their palace with us!! So no tent camping for this trip. :-)

It was a 4 day weekend that started with a few bumps. On the way to the camp, one of the trailers in our caravan blew not one, but TWO tires !!! So, when the 2nd one blew, we loaded our friend Bobbi up and back tracked a few miles to get 2 new trailer tires. There was a concern that we might run out of spares!!

So, a 4.5 hour trip turned into a 6.5 hour trip..... It was an interesting drive, through some very winding, narrow roads. And we knew we were headed to warmer weather, but we got a little nervous when the thermostat measured 96 and above...

But it did cool down once we got to the park. And it was well worth the wait. The camp site was amazing. Tucked in the forest with miles and miles of dirt and rock trails. Dusty, dirty, rock trails.... It was AWESOME!!!

It's definitely way different from the sand dunes. We certainly weren't prepared for all the dirt.

This is some of the views from the trails --- miles and miles of trails.


and this will give you an idea of how dusty and dirty it was.....

Did I mention that we were COVERED in dirt ???

One of the funnest parts was a "girls run" that we took on Saturday night. The girls drove -- the guys played passengers. One of the guys in the group had a GoPro cam mounted to his RZR. Here's a link to the video: RZR ride . It's kinda long, but if you go to about 10:10 and 12:30, you'll see proof that I actually do drive the RZR!!! It was such a blast :-)

And we can't say enough about this OHV park. Really nice campgrounds. They have all kinds of sites (primitive, partial, and full hookups). And they even have some small cabins for rent. And we were in a group site right across from the FREEEEE showers!!! And the best part --- wait for it --- they had a RESTAURANT right across from our campsite !!!! Here's a sample.....

We had this for dinner on Mother's Day :-) It was great!

And, because they are concerned about carrying certain plants out of the park, they have a car wash of sorts. So the RZR's got all cleaned up before we headed home.

So yeah, it was a pretty awesome trip. We can't wait to go back.

And just a few great shots of our trip home through the Gorge.

Just one of the many reasons we love this area....

And so I'm back working on updating our house, but I'll save that for another post :-)

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