Thursday, August 30, 2012

The dunes

This year we managed 2 trips to the dunes. Last month was in Coos Bay for a little sand camping. It was our first opportunity to take our new 4x4 truck out on the sand. And once we got the tires aired down adequately -- she performed perfectly!!!

We still tent camp but had a reprieve when we discovered we had forgotten our tent poles. Don't ask..... So our good friends Doug and Tina offered to share their trailer. Wait.... I said we "forgot" our poles, right??? =]

It was only a long weekend, but we had a great time. It's always nice to have the opportunity to completely relax...... To sit around doing absolutely nothing---with no guilt!

Not only did we enjoy great weather, making for great rides, but we ended with equally awesome camp fires.

We did have one rather exciting (and late) night..... You see, they like to take night runs on the RZR's and this one night, their fearless leader was distracted ........ SQUIRREL !!!!! There were 3 RZR's in the group, and the got headed down a steep hill with basically no way out. So there was one down at the bottom, one half way down, and Jaime who luckily hesitated, I mean WAITED at the top. The only problem.....Jaime has no winch on his RZR. So they came back to camp in search of a 4x4 truck.   Long story, short...they winch both RZR's back up the hill, and dug the truck out before finally getting back to camp at about 2 or so. Yes, 2 a.m..... It certainly made for an entertaining story that is sure to be told over, and over, and over...... Right, Doug???!!!
(This is now known as "Doug's Hill" )

And, the weekend before our Idaho trip, we spent a long weekend in Florence. This time it was in a
camp ground --- with SHOWERS! On this trip , Josh and Justine were able to join us. Though
slightly less exciting.....oh wait, I did take a night ride..... We definitely had some lively campfires =]

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