Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

It was a great weekend !!!

For my family birthday meal, I chose breakfast. And we actually had Justine (and her boyfriend), Kayleigh and Chris with us! (Darci is in Texas with my mom and grandma, for the summer.)

We tried a restaurant that Justine had heard of through some facebook friends. It's called Slappy Cakes and their "claim to fame" is a griddle built into every table top. You buy the pancake batter and add-ins, and you cook your own pancakes - right at your table.

The really funny thing - Chris doesn't like pancakes !!!! Luckily, they have other options.....

It's a very popular place...we had to wait about 45 mins for a table. But it was well worth it.

As for the rest of the was great!!! After church on Sunday, we went to Kayleigh and Chris' for a bbq. We gave them a new bbq grill FOR CHRISTMAS !!! And I felt kinda bad, cuz we spent the first 2 1/2 hours watching Chris put it together ! But we were rewarded with an awesome tri-tip dinner.

Then Monday, I played hookie - with my bosses !!! Scott's family lives in eastern Washington (Mattawa), so we drove up that morning to his brother's orchard for a tour. He raises cherries and apples, and while we toured....we ate....too...many.....cherries !!!

(This is "Stonehenge", right across the river in Washington.)

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