Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, Jaime and I recently visited Houston-our nephew James (Steven's son) was baptized. We seem to make it about once every 3 years, so it's usually quite an event for us !!! We were able to see most of Jaime's family and I was also able to visit with my mom, grandma and one of my aunts. This was a nice bonus because my grandma and aunt both live in Illinois, so I don't have the opportunity to see them very often. (The last time was when I turned 40 - and no, I won't mention how long ago that was...).

We were also able to have a mini-reunion with several of our friends. Although it's always difficult for me to process the fact that everyone's kids are getting older!!! But lots of fun catching up with everyone.

However, we weren't prepared for the weather. There was a band of thunderstorms that came through Friday and Saturday. As is typical in that area, we experienced widespread flooding. It really became problematic on Saturday, making it difficult for us to get around. In fact, we were over an hour late to the baptism on Saturday. According to the rain gauge, we received about 3.5 inches in 36 hours.

It was really irritating, because it really limited what we were able to do on Saturday. But, Jaime really enjoyed the thunderstorms (or at least until one struct less than 2 blocks from the house !!).

But regardless of the weather, it was still a great trip.

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  1. You missed the big ones last Monday night and Tuesday morning! We had something like 11 inches of rain in the space of 12 hours... School got canceled! I am already dying from heat here! I am glad you had a great time visiting and sorry we didn't get to see you!