Sunday, January 18, 2009

As the wind blows......

This is certainly a winter full of unusual weather. It began with all of our Christmas and New Years snow. Then things dried out and we had several really sunny days (though still a little chilly). Which, believe or not, is unusual - this is normally our rainy season.

Now, we're (hopefully) at the tail end of a wicked wind storm. Weather reports say we're having 45-50 mph wind gusts. If you're outside driving around in it, this seems like an understatement. It's like living in a hurricane!!

Not only are we dealing with tree branches & road signs in the road, but our yard is filled with roof shingles. Fortunately, not from our own roof. Power outages are also the norm. We were driving through Gresham last night, waiting to get through an intersection......we noticed all the lights flicker & then everything went black. The only light was from headlights. It was very eerie. Didn't realize how much the lights of the city contribute to the driving experience.

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