Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day

This is what we started with last week.
This is what I came home to, when I walked home today.
This was at 6:30 monday morning, when Jaime and I headed for work.
This will give you some idea what the snow drifts are like. The window is to my office, the snow reaching the a/c unit.
This is the first few steps of my journey home monday afternoon.
Somewhere, there's a yard, sidewalk, driveway......
This is what I found at the office............7 am. The gorge winds had blown the snow against the doors, making it impossible to open them without first shoveling. The snow kept coming, the drifts kept getting taller.
This is the same entrance when I left monday, early afternoon.
You can't really tell, but we've hidden a Honda Accord in the street.
And this is the final few steps of what seemed to be a very long journey.

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  1. Despite the fact that the snow is preventing me from going anywhere (even though I try) it was nice to have a 3-week winter break from school. Even though the district office made a horrible decision and tried to make us go to school last Thursday. It started snowing 30 minutes after school started and they let us go at lunch.